Golden FX Link Capital is the leading licensed derivative brokerage company in Cambodia, taking part in evolving the financial market in the country by offering derivative products along with the education-based strategy and top-notch business model with integrity and a superior level of technology and responsibility, which are considered as the driving force of our advancement and convenience of our clients.

On March 27, 2021, we conducted a derivatives workshop online attracting numerous participants to join and get a better understanding related to the basics of derivatives trading and investment opportunities out there with the concise and simple illustration from our trainers. 

Mr. Long Somnang, one of our professional business managers, was the trainer in this workshop and enlightened the participants through his skillful presentation. For the trainer’s qualifications, he has obtained proven experiences in instilling fundamental and technical skills as well as recommending good derivatives trading opportunities to Cambodian people especially both prospective and existing investors and traders. His expertise and professionalism are well recognized, which continuously invites many invitations to be a trainer in various educational events including the “Online Training for Approved Persons for Derivatives Business” organized by Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC).

“As a representative of the leading derivative broker, I will do my best to consistently contribute in providing education about this market and its benefits to the public, and I really hope that what I have shared is useful for them to learn and discover a new financial investment as a source of an additional income to boost their financial wellness,” said Mr. Somnang.

On the journey with the highly standardized company Golden FX Link Capital, Mr. Somnang firmly believed that his belief and goals will be able to enhance Cambodians’ abilities and opportunities in further creating wealth and investment diversification. 

Since the inception, Golden FX Link Capital has progressively promoted the awareness of the public by organizing seminars, workshops, and roadshows across the Kingdom enabling Cambodians to expand their investment choices and helping them to create and protect their wealth. Although we have been impacted by the COVID-19, we haven't left our mission behind. We still continue conducting many online workshops to provide the participants with essential knowledge and skills, which in turn grows the reputation for us as we have genuinely lived up to our promotion and education approaches.

Shall you want to know more about derivatives trading and investment opportunities with Golden FX Link Capital, please do not hesitate to contact us at 023 226 666.