Latest Activities


Golden FX Link Capital (G-Link) Organizes Role-Play Competition Online for Capacity Betterment

23 Apr @ 12:00 By Administration

On April 20, 2021, G-Link held a fruitful event online - Role-Play Competition, which was aimed at advancing and equipping our colleagues with more industry knowledge, standards, practical experience and skills so as to


Why Is Consumer Price Index (CPI) Important for investors?

10 Mar @ 05:00 By Victor Yang

For experienced investors in trading financial instruments, they might realize the benefits of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), but for the inexperienced, we would like to briefly explain what CPI is and its importance th


Golden FX Link Capital Upholds Educational-Based Business, Good for Cambodians

26 Feb @ 12:00 By Administrator

As a key positioner in the company, Mr. Chhayheng has consistently contributed outstanding inputs and outputs both of which have been significant for the advancement of the business


Golden FX Link Capital Organizes a Non-Farm Payrolls Night for the Good of Derivatives Traders

08 Feb @ 12:00 By Administrator

Golden FX Link Capital successfully organized an innovative event themed Non-farm Payrolls Night on February 5, 2021, at GW Cafe inside Golden Tower, sharing information on monthly non-farm payrolls data, influencing the


Golden FX Link Capital Joins SECC’s Workshop to Emphasize on Derivatives Market Knowledge

27 Nov @ 12:00 By Administrator

On November 26, 2020, Golden FX Link Capital was honorably invited to partake in the 11th workshop for journalists on “The Connection between the Securities Sector and the Media in Cambodia”, organized by Sec